Creating a Safe Space for Every One of Our Campers

Ghostlight Theater Camp is a welcoming place for campers of all races, nationalities, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We are committed to creating a safe, welcoming space for every camper, family, and staff member.  We believe in building a community that stands against the prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping that have become prevalent in society today. 

Ghostlight is a camp for campers of all races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. Ghostlight Theater Camp is aware of inherent biases that are all too common in the summer camp industry. We are doing our part to address and correct these biases and we work with our staff and leadership to ensure our practices at camp create a space in which all campers will feel supported. We work with our partners in schools around the country to provide opportunities for campers to attend Ghostlight who may not otherwise seek out a summer camp experience.

Ghostlight Theater Camp is inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community and welcomes and supports Trans* campers. Housing at Ghostlight is determined by age and each camper's preference for their living space. We welcome Allies of the LGBTQIA+ community as well and recognize that together we create a community that celebrates our differences while building on our commonality. 

Ghostlight Theater Camp welcomes and supports neurodivergent campers and we invite all families to get in touch with us to discuss ideas or concerns regarding your camper and their acceptance at Ghostlight. 

Ghostlight Land Acknowledgement

Ghostlight Theater Camp is located in Oakland, Maine which was settled on the traditional territory of the Wabanaki (Dawnland) Confederacy.  

We recognize and honor the current Tribes who comprise the Wabanaki Confederacy—the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Micmac peoples—who have stewarded this land for generations.  

We respect the traditional values of these Tribes and affirm their inherent sovereignty in this territory. We support their efforts for land and water protection and restoration, and for cultural healing and recovery. 

We pause in remembrance of the Tribes of the Wabanaki Confederacy whose lives and land were taken through genocidal strategies of the colonial settlement of this land.

We pay respect to elders both past and present, and we commit to the ongoing work of decolonization in Maine and beyond.

We commit to furthering our education and relationship with the Wabanaki Confederacy so that we may be responsible stewards of their homelands. We recognize that we are at the beginning of this work and have much to do,  and that we do it with open hearts, minds, and spirits.