Ghostlight Theater Camp - Oakland, ME - Inclusivity at Camp

Inclusivity at Camp

Creating a Safe Space for Every One of Our Campers

Ghostlight Theater Camp is a welcoming place for campers of all races, nationalities, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We are committed to creating a safe, secure space for anyone seeking services with us. Ghostlight Theater Camp is dedicated to promoting that friendly feeling in our facilities and through our programs. We believe in building a community that stands against the prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping that have become prevalent in society.

Ghostlight Theater Camp is aware of inherent biases that are all too common in the summer camp industry. We are trying to do our part to address and correct these biases.

Ghostlight Theater Camp will welcome and support neurodiverse, transgender, trans*, and/or gender non-conforming campers. Contact Lesley Levy to work on a support plan for the camper(s) in your family. We welcome all families to get in touch with us to discuss ideas or concerns regarding your camper and their acceptance at Ghostlight.