The Culmination of Camp: A Performance Festival, Open to Friends & Family

Both sessions of Ghostlight Theater Camp culminate in a performance festival. We encourage families and friends to join us for any and all performances throughout the day. The day also features a barbecue and picnic for friends and families. Specific showtimes and cast lists are announced on day three of camp.

Our performances are the culmination of and reward for all the hard work our campers have been putting in. At our camp, every camper gets to be in a show. We don't play favorites here: every camper gets to have a significant experience on stage. So we encourage friends and family to come to the performance festival to show support and celebrate the unique talents that their campers bring to the stage. Find out what it’s like to be in a show and part of a performance at Ghostlight Theater Camp. 

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Not only do our campers get the incredible opportunity to build their skills among passionate, talented, and dedicated peers, but they get to show off their performing chops to their loved ones during our performance festival. At our camp, we believe in fostering a supportive environment where campers can showcase their performing abilities, it’s a chance for them to shine and demonstrate their skills, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We encourage every camper to pursue their unique talents and take pride in the qualities that make them special. Our performing arts camp for kids and theater programs do more than build acting skills; they help our campers grow their self-confidence and work towards becoming hardworking, kind adults. We celebrate individuality and help our campers take pride in the qualities that make them special. Enrolling your child in our acting summer camp is a decision that can profoundly impact their personal and artistic development. If you want to learn more about enrolling your child in our acting summer camp, don't hesitate to reach out to our office today!