Performing arts summer camp is a great way for your child to gain more confidence and independence all while having fun. At summer theater camp for kids, your child’s day will be full of enjoyable activities centered around their theater training.

A summer camp for acting may seem like all fun and games, but each child that participates gains lifelong skills. The social skills and confidence that your child will gain will be a huge asset to them in their future. For example, every job interview starts with communication and connection; before a person can step into a leadership role, they must prove their social skills; and before your child can move out of your home, they must experience being on their own for at least a few weeks. As a parent, it is vital that you give your child every opportunity to develop further and succeed in life. One such opportunity is sending your child to summer theater camp.

Once your child returns home from performing arts summer camp, a spotlight will be shone upon their growth as a well-rounded human. If you have any additional questions or if you would like to enroll your child, we invite you to get in touch with us.


We start camp every morning by gathering the entire camp community for morning reflection outside the dining pavilion. Campers and staff reset for a new day by taking a deep breath and basking in the glorious view of East Pond.

Campers fill up with a delicious breakfast every morning, featuring eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, oatmeal, tea, and juice. Breakfast is served in our dining pavilion by our friendly dining staff. Our staff is happy to cater to each camper’s dietary needs, including allergy concerns and vegetarian/vegan needs. Our camp is also a nut-free zone.

Cabins will be inspected for cleanliness every morning and campers will be responsible for cleaning up their bunk as a group. Mornings typically feature cleaning sessions as a group with a cast recording of a popular musical like Hamilton, Mean Girls, or Oklahoma!

Campers will get to try out yoga, theater games, and body and voice warm-ups every morning during the first few days of camp. Once they decide which warm-up activity suits them best, they remain with that group for the rest of camp.

Classes begin each day at 10 a.m. Each student’s class schedule will be dependent on the main focus of training they chose at the start of camp, including acting, voice, or movement. Each camper will choose a minor focus as well. Depending on what campers choose to focus on, they will be taking part in classes such as improving a cappella, mindfulness and meditation, nature and camping skills, guitar and ukulele, cooking, arts and crafts, theater of sport, and bench building.

Our daily lunch menus include chicken cordon-bleu, vegetarian lasagna, grilled haddock, tomato soup and grilled cheese, tacos, and sandwiches. The full salad bar is always available.


Campers will have some time to relax and unwind after lunch. Downtime is the perfect time to read, practice lines, or work on choreography. You may also gather with other campers to play basketball, soccer, frisbee, capture the flag, and other games that are unique to Ghostlight Theater Camp.

Our campers will be working hard to practice and prepare for performances at Ghostlight Theater Camp. We spend plenty of time every afternoon rehearsing for contemporary dramas, classic comedies, and musicals. Every camper is cast in one show per session. They will prepare to perform for other campers on dress rehearsal day before the big show for family, friends, and local guests on festival day.

Each camper needs some time to burn off some energy after an afternoon of rehearsing. You’ll find our campers at the pool for swimming, bonding, and fun. You can splash around in the pool or lie out in the sun for reading or chatter with friends.

Campers flock to our pavilion for their evening meal, also known as “supper” in Maine, which is always delicious and comes with dessert!

Our day doesn't end with classes and rehearsals. In the evening, campers participate in innovative theatrical experiences, such as a Harry Potter adventure night, So You Think You Can Dance challenge, talent show, make-your-own music video, The Horror Radio Play, and student-directed scenes. On some nights, we head into town to catch a movie and stop at world-famous Gifford’s for ice cream.

To ensure our campers get a full night’s rest to recharge for the next day of classes and rehearsing, we have everyone in bed by 10:30. Lights out comes earlier for our youngest campers at 10 p.m.