One-Of-A-Kind Program for Tech Campers

Not every camper longs to be onstage, and at Ghostlight, we value every aspect of production and the artistry that goes into creating a show. Our tech camper program gives campers the chance to grow their skills as designers and technicians, working alongside our team of professional designers. At the end of their session, tech campers proudly display their work on show day for family and friends, while keeping the festival up and running behind the scenes!

Choose a FocusTech campers can choose between the following disciplines, or take time to work with a few departments over their session.

Costume Construction

Costume campers learn both design principles and construction techniques. Work with the costume design team from measurements to fittings to dressing for the stage!

Scenic Construction

Scenic campers focus on safe and practical wood shop techniques. Construction of common forms, like flats and platforms, leads to work on how design and paint techniques lend each show its own sense of wonder and world-building.

Lighting Design

From focus to design, lighting design campers can expect to learn just how much science goes into lighting design. Script analysis and dramaturgy work support the collaboration between designer and creative teams, and lighting design campers are there for the whole journey!

Props Construction

The earliest design element to enter rehearsal, props design is an art of flexibility and quick communication. Join the props team in creating temporary solutions while working on beautiful props that will grace the stage on festival day.

Stage Management

Be in the room where it happens! Work alongside the director and stage manager to create and maintain a rehearsal space that leads to creativity and collaboration!

A Typical Day at Camp

It's all about 1-on-1 learning.

Tech campers are a part of our camp community. They take classes alongside performance campers, and participate in camp activities and cabin bonding every evening. The big difference comes during our afternoon block, when they head to the theater to learn about their focus in one-on-one instruction with designers and technicians. 

Sample Schedule for a Tech Camper

8:00 AM - Breakfast

9:30 AM - Core Class (Playwriting, Performance, or Tech Focus)

11:00 AM - Elective Class (Campers can choose any elective on offer.)

12:15 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - Tech Time! Head up to the theater for 3 hours of dedicated instruction and build!

4:30 PM - Pool Time with Full Camp

6:00 PM - Dinner

7:30 PM - Evening Activity