Check Out What Goes on Inside Our Summer Theater Camp for Kids

Are you eager to see what your child has been up to at our summer theater camp for kids? Be sure to check out our summer gallery to see some of your child’s proudest moments, the exciting activities they have been a part of, and the fun they have had. We try to take pictures of as much as we can to capture these memories not only for parents to see, but also to allow kids and teens to look back on fond times.

If your child is currently at our performing art camp for kids, when your child returns home, watch their face light up with joy as they reflect on their time at Ghostlight Theater Camp. Ask about the friends they have made, their favorite part of the day, any great songs they have learned, any fun dance moves, and if they are excited to return next year. We bet they have some exciting stories to share about their time at summer camp!

We invite you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about theater programs for youth and to enroll your child today.